Late summer and autumn in Tuscany - 26/09/2017

Late summer and autumn in Tuscany

The end of the summer in Val d'Elsa is just beautiful. It's grapes harvest time, the first cooler winds come and nature is shining with new shades.


During this time in Tuscany there is the vendemmia, the harvest of the grapes from the vineyards that will then become wine, in all its multiple types. Grape harvest is obviously a job, but it is also a social rite that, regardless of technological evolution, has been the same for centuries.
During the vendemmia people work together, they eat together and often, at the end of the harvest, there is the ancient tradition to celebrate all together the arrival of the new wine.

Celebrating earth and life

Throughout Tuscany small cities make festivals to celebrate this exciting time of the year where wine is obviously celebrated, and by visiting them visitors have a chance to get to know new products and different producers, but also the desire to be together, to celebrate, to have a laugh together in front of a good glass of Tuscan wine. Other autumn products show up in our daily life like mushrooms and chestnuts, new recipes, new flavors and new suggestions come to enrich our days.

Let’s spend the day together

From Val d'Elsa to San Gimignano, from Monteriggioni to Siena, from Firenze to Chianti, the end of summer and the beginning of autumn are the opportunity to know places and people, traditions and recipes, wines and flavors that every small village in our land has been maintaining for years, for centuries in some cases.

Natural beauty joins the historical and artistic value of our beloved , its monuments and its churches, its streets and museums, its craftsmen and their magnificent products. Just a few miles from Bardeggiano Tuscany offers us many possibilities for entertainment, enrichment, good food and why not, shopping.
In every corner you visit you will find something that you will keep in your heart and we will be happy to help you know all the little details of our wonderful Tuscany.


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